Resolving Census before Birth Fact

When you merge census records it only adds the ‘year’ in the Fact field which sometimes means that it will sort and appear before the Birth Fact. Simply checking the census media for the date and adding this to the Census Fact usually resolves this problem. It happens when a child is under 1 year old when the census was taken. If it doesn’t resolve the problem then perhaps the birth date needs to be revisited.

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Adding Parents of Spouses from FindaGrave

Here is a short video of how I add Parents of Spouses. I don’t research the lines of spouses that are attached to my family members as I need to limit the scope of my project somehow. However, I do like to save info about their parents to add creditability. Adding the FindaGrave ID numbers is just to help others. If there are any parts of the  names that I don’t know, I add five underscore “_____” as a placeholder.

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Solution for Places with 2 County Options

What do you do when you have a Place but there are two possible counties within the same state?

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Gleaning Also Known As or Nicknames from Census Info

Here is a quick little video on how I glean Also-Known-As and Nicknames from census. I use the Also Known As (AKA) field in FTM to store any name info other than the given Christian name. Middle names are often used as First Names in many records including Census. I find this helpful because I often add AKA to my searches to help find other records.


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Backup Using Less Space

Backups are great but FTM saves each backup with a Filename that includes the current date and that means all new backup files each time I backup.

Since I already do regular complete backups of my Mac I decided to only make one FTM Backup file for each database I have.

When I backup, I just change the date portion of the Filename to the text “Backup” and then select overwrite. The date can always be found if needed by looking at the file in Finder.

Time to Update Georgia Death Index, 1919-1998

Every so often Ancestry updates records and sometimes changes Citation Detail. I wish there was some kind of notification but for now this is my method. Updating your records helps keep all the Source Citations in order which then makes it easier to find specific records when needed.

I have a record with Citation Detail:

“Certificate Number: 9444”

When I click on the Web Address and open the record the new Citation Detail is:

“Georgia Health Department, Office of Vital Records; Georgia, USA; Indexes of Vital Records for Georgia: Deaths, 1919-1998; Certificate Number: 9444″

I copy/paste the new info and now the records will sort properly. Now I need to repeat for all the records.

This sort of thing happens all the time so I just correct as I find them. About once a year I go through and check them all.

FTM Maintenance – Updating the FindaGrave Web Addy

FindaGrave has recently been upgraded and updated. Along with that is a cleaner, shorter URL. Many of my Sources reference Memorial Pages and it is nice to clean these up – a great clean up project for the new year!

Most of my FindaGrave URL citings are for Obits. If you haven’t entered Obits this way you may wish to skip below for directions on how to search and replace the URLs.

Note that I use my own Source Citation formating instead of the Evidence Explained as I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. For Obits I create a Source Title that looks like this:

-Obit-DOE, Jane (Smith)

  • Dash: The dash is a prefix for any Sources that I add as opposed to those that I have merged from Ancestry.
  • LAST NAME: all CAPS, married name for females.
  • First Name: mixed CAPS, given name.
  • Maiden Name: for married females.

Ok, back to the URL updating… Since this is my primary use of FindaGrave URLs I will update this first and then use the Filter option to find any other occurences.

  1. Go to Sources and scroll down the list to where -Obit starts.
  2. Click on each one down the list checking the r-hand side of the page under Source Citation Information and find Web Address:
  3. Look for instances where the address looks like this:
  4. Highlight and paste with:
  5. Make sure there are no spaces or the address will not be clickable.
  6. You can make sure that the link works by clicking the Web Link button to the right of the field. It should open directly to the FindaGrave Memorial.

Once that is complete you will want to search to find any other occurences of this URL formatting.

  1. People
  2. Tree
  3. Filter
  4. Filter In
  5. Other
  6. Source Information
  7. Contains
  9. OK

This will produce a filtered list of People that have a Source that contains that URL. You will have to click on each person, open the Person tab, and then examine each Source to find the one that needs replacing.

Yes, my OCD is showing! It is nice to have a cleaner URL and it is also a HTTPS URL which may not matter much in the grand scheme of things but it appears that more security has been added to make FindaGrave a “safer” place to visit on the web.

Happy New Year!