How to Verify a Source Name

I recently discovered that Ancestry has renamed some of their sources which probably needed to be done, and even more is probably needed. The problem is that this leads to duplicate sources in FTM. It is nice to be able to see all of the source citations for a source – all together, in one spot. I like things to be neat and tidy and my sources have been a constant thorn so I am working on them.

To verify a Source Name: Go to Sources. Select a source in question. Click ‘View Source Online’ in the bottom-r-hand corner. This opens the source in your browser. Check the source citation info again what you have in FTM. The source name may be different or perhaps even the Citation Detail is different.

To fix: CAREFULLY copy the source name and then edit/paste your Source. Do the same for Citation Detail. Sometimes it is just easier to re-merge the Source altogether (another post on how to do that coming soon). I have tested this to see if newly merged data gets placed in the correct source and it appears to work. Please let me know if you try this and you get different results.

Wish List: Many times I have wished that I could change the way that Ancestry names Sources. They just don’t seem to have a consistant naming scheme. I do know that it would be a monumentus task given the number of records they have and it appears that they are working on it. Unfortunately, if you want Sources to merge with your FTM Sources then the names need to stay the same otherwise you end up with multiple Sources. I wish Ancestry put a date/ID number on their sources as this would let me know which Source was most current and easily see which sources need to be combined. I also wish that there was something like an auto update-this-source button. I don’t have my FTM database synced yet because it is still such a mess but perhaps that is the answer.

What are your thoughts?

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