How To Filter to Search FindaGrave

Ancestry now uses FindaGrave as source info. Sometimes it is helpful to search FindAGrave directly however to help fill in blanks, find family members, etc.

I have over 30,000 individuals in my database so I need to get that number down a bit. Here is my process. Oh, one thing I found helpful is to create a Fact to store the FindaGrave IDs. There is an alternative though as listed in #2.

1. Filter IN: Vital Facts > Death > Date > Is Not Blank

2. Filter OUT: All Facts > FindaGrave ID > Description > Is Not Blank (Alternative: Other > Source Information > Contains > Find A Grave Index (this is the wording used for Ancestry records from FindaGrave)

This may seem a bit backward at first but it works. Now, I really wish that FTM would save Filters to be re-used…

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