How To Delete Unused Places

I currently have about 5,832 Places. That’s quite a few so I figure that if I can delete even a few that aren’t being used it might be a good thing. Unfortunately there isn’t a good report that shows unused places (ARGH) so I am using the good ole method of go-down-the-list. Here’s how:

1. Go to Places tab.
2. Look for “Associated People” in the right-hand column.
3. Now go down your list of places (I am using my down arrow key) and keep your eye on the number next to “Associated People” – look for those with zero (“0”).
4. When you find a “0” look at the place name and note the place name right above the place you are deleting so that you can find your next starting spot (I use my cursor to mark the spot).
5. Right-click on the place name and choose “Delete Place”.

Now, this may not help make things run faster, or even matter in the general scheme of things but it sure helps my OCD to know that I have it cleaned up.

Dear Ancestry, Please create easy way to delete Places without any Associated People.

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