How To Move a Source Citation from One Source Group to Another Source Group

Today I read a post about being read-only now. I had heard this before but I decided to look at my sources to see if any were from this defunct site and decide what to do with them.

Several years back I sourced by using web site addresses. Although these are important, even more important are the people that post the info on the web for all to see. Even people are hard to keep track of these days with email addies changing and people moving around all the time. I do like to try and put a name in with my sources though so that I can try to contact them if I run into anything that might help their efforts or questions, etc.

So… I found some records under a Source Group I have called Internet (a work in progress). I wanted to move about 5 of them to a new Source Group.

1. I created the new Source Group “Person: Jane Doe”.

2. Then moved to the Source Group that had the Citations that I wanted to move and selected one.

3. On the right-hand side of the Source tab, under Source Citation Information I clicked the up/down arrow next to Source Title.

4. Up popped a list of all my Source Groups. Unfortunately, they aren’t in alphabetical order and I am still tring to figure out exactly what order they are in. If you figure this out by-all-means let me know please!

5. I selected the Source Group and viola, it moved just like I needed.

Is there an easier way to accomplish the same thing? I already tried copy/replace but those didn’t work as wished.

Dear, Please alphabetize the Source Citation Title List!

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