How To Add Parents of Non-Related

Now, some people will undoubtedly disagree with my thinking on this subject. I will do my best to explain my reasoning and then you can choose your own path. Of course, I am always open to conversation so please do share your ideas on the subject.

Quite awhile back, but can’t remember when, I figured out that people where sending me info and I was spending time on branches that weren’t mine. This happened because I posted info on the parents of spouses to my family members. Another concern was the size of my tree. I didn’t want to just continue adding everyone in site as it would quickly become very unmanageable. I figured it was time to limit the scope of the project a bit. This info continues to be valuable and I didn’t not want to lose it, but I also didn’t want more info on the trees of these non-related persons than their parents. I just wasn’t interested in their grandparents, siblings, etc. I started trimming my tree and putting info into the notes section of PAF.

Fast forward… now I am using FTM. When I saw the ‘Parents of Non-Related’ field, I researched it and couldn’t find any other use for the field so I started moving the names. This has been working well for me. Let me know if you find otherwise.

Here is how I do it.

1. Under People click on Person tab. Important: Select the person that is related to you, not the non-related person. Add the field ‘Parents of Non-Related’. It will pop up under the Shared Facts. I’m still not sure why it is a shared field. To my way of thinking it shouldn’t be. Please share if you have info on this as I haven’t been able to find any.

2. Add the names of the non-related parents. I like to use this format: Father First Name FATHER LAST NAME & Mother First Name MOTHER LAST NAME. I put the last names in ALL CAPS. If a first or last name is unknown then I use “_____” (5 underlines just like I do when adding people to the tree).

3. I put any additional info about them including birth/death dates and places, etc. into notes for the ‘Parents of Non-Related’ field.

Let me know if that is helpful.

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