How to Verify a Source Name (Update)

This is an addition to the previous post…

Something that I just discovered in Ancestry’s source naming is that they sometimes use a comma and sometimes they don’t. Here is an example:

California Birth Index, 1905-1995

California, Death Index, 1905-1939

Notice the comma after California? Now, what is the problem with that you ask? Well, the Sources are sorted alphbetically and when a comma is thrown in it sometimes moves a Source down on the list. This also just messes with my OCD immensely!

Dear Ancestry, Let’s just set rules for consistent Source naming and stick to them please.

Importan!: My advice is not to change the names of the Sources from! You can of course (and I did a bunch by mistake), but you probably don’t want to because then when you merge other sources with the original name you will have to Sources and will need to merge the downloaded one with the one you renamed. I learned the hard way. I changed them all back today. See my original post on How to Verify a Source Name.

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2 thoughts on “How to Verify a Source Name (Update)

  1. Yes I have noticed this too! I also find that Ancestry must change the names of their source titles because I’ll merge something and find that it creates a new source and then I have to merge the old source into the new source so that all of those citations that really came from the same source are together. (I guess I’m a little OCD too!)


    • tnashsycamore says:

      Agreed! I think they change the names too. I just wish they would change them so that they are consistent. I mentioned this in another post so do a search (cuz I can’t remember off the top of my head). Oh, and be careful merging sources. Backup first, make note or a screen print of the names that are attached and then check afterwards to to make sure that all of the names merged. Thumbs up for Genealogy OCD!


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