How To Resolve Some Place Names Quickly

Have you noticed a little symbol next to a place name?

According to Family Tree Maker Help 3 that little symbol (does anyone know what the symbol is by the way?) “Indicates that the place name cannot be found in the places database.” You can do as they recommend to “Click the icon to look for alternative names” or use the Resolve All Place Names feature but I find it helps to eliminate some easy ones quickly, especially when I only have a few I find. Just go to the Places Workspace, with a Flat Hierarchy List view (it’s a little button at the top-left of the list), and the Find field (at the top of the list). Just type in one of the following and then use the arrows to find matches down the list. Here 2 common ones that are easy to correct:

1. United States: Change to USA (copy USA and then you can paste it in quickly using CTRL V)

2. County: Delete.

After I correct these I usually go ahead and run Resolve All Place Names and there are a lot fewer to go through.

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