How to Deal with Duplicate FindAGrave Entries

FindaGrave is a great resouce but sometimes you find two memorials for the same person. The FindaGrave policy is that the oldest one should be kept and the other should merge info and pics into the oldest. I usually use the FindaGrave Edit tab to send a suggestion to the manager of the recent memorial nicely asking them to merge and delete the memorial so that there is only one memorial for that individual. Noone likes to have to delete something they created but it sure is confusing/misleading if there are multiple memorials for the same person.

When I find duplicate memorials I copy both of the memorial IDs into my FindaGrave ID field in FTM. I highly recommend that you create a FindaGrave ID field if you don’t have one already. I enter both memorial numbers info the field in chronological order like this:

1234567 (1 Jan 2011); 8912345 (7 Jul 2013)

Since the FindaGrave suggestions automatically send an email copy to me, I have set up a folder in my email program to keep them. Every so often I go through them (after about a month) and just click the link to see if the memorials have been merged. If they haven’t, I forward a copy to FindaGrave and they usually take care of it, and I follow up again later. If they have been merged into one memorial, I go into FTM and remove the extra memorial ID and date info so that I only have one memorial ID in the field. This process has worked really well.

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