How To Organize Media – Step 1

I currently have 3,539 media items in FTM. Yikes! I am sure that there are a lot of duplicates and I really want to get a handle on this because media is so important. I have researched but thought you might like to join me for this little, er, well, large adventure.

Step 1 is to sort all uncatagorized media into Categories.

  1. Go to Media Workspace.
  2. Under Groups select ‘By Media Category’.
  3. At the bottom of the list click ‘Uncategorized’.
  4. Select and move all media items to categories. You may need to create more categories like I did. Here a great video by Crista Cowan of that explains this well: Moving media from one category to another is not a quick process. Be sure to allow some time to complete this task. Suggestion: Have something else to do while waiting. Here is a bit more info from Ancestry although it is older (2010). It also covers renaming media file names:
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