How To Clean Up Repositories

According to the FTM Mac 3 Companion Guide “A repository is the location where an original source exists. This could be a library, archive, county courthouse, or cousin’s home.” From other gleanings a Repository should be a location where Documents are housed.

Initially I thought that my Person Sources (people that have shared info with me) should go in Repositories. I added their names and contact info and then figured out that this really wasn’t a good idea because the contact info is published and to my knowledge there isn’t a way to privatize repositories.

So… Here’s what I did for each one:

  1. Copied all the contact info over to a text file to hold it temporarily. I definitely don’t want to lose that info!
  2. Clicked on the Usage button to which Sources they were attached too. I did a Screen Print using SHFT CTRL 4 to save that info.
  3. Closed the Repository window and opened the Sources tab. Locate each of the Sources on the Screen Print and detach the Repository from the Source.
  4. After you have unattached the Repository from all of the Sources, reopen Manage Repository and check the usage again.
  5. Delete the Repository.
  6. Continue through all Repositories.

This should leave a nice clean list. Spring cleaning early!


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