How To Add Cemetery Plots

I have gleaned a lot of info from FindaGrave and one bit that is very helpful, especially if you plan to visit a grave, is plot info. Up until recently I have been adding plot info in the Burial>Description line AFTER the name of the cemetery. I decided that it really should be a fact of it’s own so I created a custom fact called Plot. It added the field to my People Workspace>Tree View so that it is easy to enter the info when I have the FindaGrave window open and positioned on the left of FTM.

This will allow me to actually see the Plot which is hidden a good bit because it comes after the cemetery name. It is also wishful thinking in that hopefully FTM will start using this info when merging FindaGrave records.

Since I just started doing this I need to change all of my other records to match. I plan to use Filter to search for Burial>Description that contains “;”. I used a semi-colon to separate the Cemetery Name from the Plot so this should find them all. Then I will just go down the list in Tree View and change each one. This is brainless work that can be done while watching TV. Find a good show and go.

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