How To Name Cemetery Plots

In my last post I discussed how to add Cemetery Plots. While moving my Plots to their new home I decided that a bit of spring cleaning was in order.

There are all kinds of ways to to label cemetery plots and with 950+ I’m sure that I’ve seen most of them. Here is what I did to clean them up.

  1. Backup.
  2. Be careful. Cemetery Plot info is small and easy to clip short, paste incorrectly, and/or rewrite wrong.
  3. Try to standardize Plot info carefully. Standard info is Addition, Section, Row, Lot, Space. Questions to ask yourself are:
    1. Will you abbreviate (i.e, Addition to Add, Section to Sec, Space to Sp?
    2. Will you use initial caps or not?
    3. Will you separate each item with commas, dashes, etc?
  4. The key here is consistency. Decide what rules you want to follow and then just do it.

I decided that I want to spell out each word so that there is no question. I only use dashes to separate when there are only letters and numbers (i.e., A-1-2-3), otherwise I use commas between each part (i.e., Addition 1, Section 2, Plot 3, Row 4, Grave 5).

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