How To Report Problems

Why doesn’t FTM Mac have an item in the toolbar to report problems? Many programs do. Feedback is valuable. Finding help on can be a frustrating experience. I admit that I am not a big fan of the help boards. I seem to spend way too much time reading and looking for specific solutions without success. On the other hand, I understand that Ancestry probably has a hard time with this area because many people can’t separate help-with-the-program from help-with-their-genealogy. Still, it is frustrating for people that really need help-with-the-program.

Here is a link to their Suggestion Box.

Make sure that you include a consise problem blurb and the version of FTM that you are using. Note that they really want input on the current version instead of older ones. Be nice even if you are frustrated – you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Here is a problem that I just reported:

Problem Report: Unable to delete Periods from Name Field

FTM Mac v.

I am deleting periods from all names as suggested to increase search hits.

I have two records that won’t allow me to delete periods.

I have compacted file and done shut down and restart.

Thank you.

Now, you probably won’t receive a response but at least you reported and we can only hope that they will listen.

If I were I would have one portal for all feedback and I would use a form to determine which program version was being used and which category to route the problems so that they could be addressed by the correct department. They could look at how other companies with multiple programs deal with feedback to improve theirs.

Ancestry also takes a survey after each suggestion is submitted. I think that surveys are nice but they don’t give detailed info on problems so that they can be fixed.

Dear Ancestry, Please make it easy to provide feedback.

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