How To Test Out Info

When I run into new data in online Family Trees that is interesting I test it out before using it permanently. I want to document as much as possible and I do not consider Family Trees the best source of info. Granted, there is sometimes info that a family ‘just knows’ about someone that you can’t find documentation for. If I get info directly from a person then I source them but otherwise I do my best to find hard documentation. What is helpful for this is actually adding a piece or two of info into FTM and then checking the Shaky Leaf or even running a Web Search. This has worked for me many times. The key is that if you don’t find documentation, that you go back and move the ‘possible info’ into your notes and then add the date you searched and a note that you didn’t find anything. It really doesn’t mean that the info is incorrect, just that you didn’t find any documentation to support it at this time. Ancestry constantly adds new files so you never know when you will get a hit.

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