Resist The Cloud

Resist The Cloud? Really? Why? Well, I know that many will probably disagee with me but I resist for several reasons: price, trust, and privacy.

Are you a frugal genealogist? I sure am. I have become increasingly concerned at the push to go paperless and put everything in The Cloud to make all our pics/docs easy to store and easily accessible. Yes, a lot of it is free, but I believe that is a hook. If you bite then I believe that ‘they’ hope that you will become hooked for good so that ‘they’ can eventually charge more and more for these services.

Frankly, I just don’t trust someone else to protect my valuable pics/docs like I do. We increasingly hear about problems with even the largest and well-known services. Will they really back it up properly and protect it from the-all-too-common cyber hacks?

I also have concerns about privacy. I really don’t want all the faces in my pics scanned for whatever future purposes the ambiguous ‘they’ might have.

I also don’t think that paperless should be synonomous with The Cloud. Paperless means storing electronically not necessarily in The Cloud. Try creating a folder on your computer to store an email instead of printing it out. Scan documents that-aren’t-vital and store them electronically as well. I believe paperless is a good thing – as long as I can maintain local and paper backups of the most important stuff – especially original old pics/docs. Just as you should have backups of your paper documents you need backups of your electronic documents – at least the most important ones.

Do I use the Cloud? Yes, but cautiously. I refuse to become hooked on Cloud services. I am a techie. I love and use technology. I just encourage everyone to spend a few minutes thinking about how dependent they are on The Cloud now and how dependent they want to be in the future. Maintain your independence and be cautious – resist The Cloud!

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