How To Change Out Defunct Sources

My apologies for the extended absence. I have a great post that I will put up soon.

I have found that many of the numerous web sites that I sourced in my 25+ years of genealogy have gone defunct – they simply no longer exist. Most of these are ones that were done by other genealogists. That is disconcerting because I want my data to be sourced well. These sources are probably be called “soft” sources and since they can easily disappear from the web at any time. I have decided to change them out for more permanent source options. I went to the Source Workspace and then found my “Internet” sources in the Source List. Then I look through the Source Citations and when I find one I want to change out I double click the “Link” for the person. This takes me to the People Workspace and highlights the Fact in question. Hopefully there is a Shaky Leaf and if so I click on it and look for a FindaGrave Source. If I find one I merge and then go back to the Source Citation and delete it. Repeat as needed. You may wish to save the web site and name of the person somewhere in your notes before you delete the Source entirely.

FindaGrave is a much more permanent source that gives Facts for Birth, Death, Marriage, and Burial, especially if it provides a picture of the tombstone. It isn’t as good as actual documents but it will do.

Remember to only merge with the person you are working on even if it lists the mother, father, spouse, children as covered in a previous post. Also look for other good Sources while you are hunting around.

If you don’t find a Shaky Leaf or a FindaGrave Source then you will want to just look for good Sources that will replace those Facts that you want to replace.

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