Did My Cousin Really Marry a Cousin?

Today it’s time to check Cousin Marriages. Go to Publish>Person Reports>Data Error Report and change settings where Errors To Include=Spouses have the same last name. Be sure to include All Individuals. Export to CSV and open in Numbers (Excel for PC users).

Now go back to the People tab and search for at least one person of each couple that appears on the report. (Hint: Toggle between Numbers and FTM using Command-Tab.) Check to see if both people really should have the same last name. Sometimes when you merge records it is easy to overwrite a last name with the one that is being merged. This seems to be especially common with women. If you have proof that they are indeed cousins I add “(cousins)” in the Marriage Description Fact. If I don’t have proof then I add “(cousins?)” in the same Fact.

My next step will be to try and figure out what degree of cousins they are, i.e., 1st Cousins, 2nd Cousins, etc. and add that to the description as well. I also plan to revisit all the unknown cousins to see if I can prove or disprove. When I do, I’ll mark them as ‘checked’ so that I know what I have already worked on.

Happy Late Valentine’s Day! How many Cousin Marriages to you have in your database?

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