This blog is primarily about Family Tree Maker for Mac although PC users will find useful info too now that FTM has standardized the 2 versions. I searched for but didn’t find answers to many of my questions and hence this blog was born. I am happy to find a  way to pay back the many genealogists, cousins, and family members that have helped me along the way. We truly are one big family.

My solutions may not always be right or be the best solution – if you have something better please do share. As I find answers to my questions and work things out I will update. You will find info about the program, possible problems, questions and solutions as I learn. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments as well. Another great resource is Russ Worthington’s blog Family Tree Maker User.

I started doing genealogy about 1991 using Family Tree Maker but eventually switched to PAF to utilize their online linking. I switched back to FTM when the MAC version came out in 2010 to take advantage of their enhanced online linking to data sources. The transition from PAF to FTM with 30,000+ records has not been an easy one. It has taken a long time for a number of reasons and I am actually still working on it. One reason is that there is not yet a standard for GEDCOM so facts don’t necessarily match up between programs. Another problem is the way that each program stores sources. PAF and FTM have very different methods of sourcing info. Yet another reason is limited time – time to work on genealogy is always a challenge for me but I figure if I keep at it I will eventually arrive on the other side. Thanks for joining the journey.

If you are in need of help working on your database I am also available for hire.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tiffany Farnsworth Nash

FindAGrave.com Contributor #47423100

Database Location

Web Site Location

My Paternal/Maternal Lines
8th G-G-Dau of Thomas FARNSWORTH of Bordentown, NJ (paternal line)
6th G-G-Dau of Matthias YOUNG of Lancaster, PA (paternal line)
7th G-G-Dau of William BLANCHARD of Scituate, RI (maternal line)
9th G-G-Dau of John WEDGWOOD of Hampton, NH (maternal line)


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