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Replacing Ancestry Source with Updated Ancestry Source

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Adding an Obit from FindaGrave

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Adding Photo from FindaGrave

Tip: Be sure to add Photos into the Source Citation Media instead of the Fact Media. This will ensure that the photo is placed wherever the Source Citation is placed and more importantly links it with a Source.

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Revisiting FindaGrave

I am finding it well worthwhile to revisit my FindaGrave sources. Over time people have added all kinds of info including pictures, plots, spouses, children, etc. I am also looking for Parents of Spouses to add to my Parents of Spouses Fact. With over 12,000 FindaGrave sources I’ll be pecking away at it for awhile. Here is a hint: Write down the name of the person you stop on so that you can do other things and come right back and continue your work. This is well worth doing every 10 years or so. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ‘subscribe’ to memorials so that when people add or change info you receive notification? I think I will suggest that.

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Using Wife Name to find 1930 Census

When I can’t find a census record using the husband’s name I search using the wife’s name. I add her married surname to the search field. In this case it worked and I found that the husband was listed with just his initials.

In this video I also show my process for merging a 1930 census record.

I always want to merge from the HOH so I switched from the wife to the husband before merging.

After the merge I copy the census info into my Text Edit program and replace the tab characters with spaces. This keeps the formatting the same whichever program it is placed in instead of different tab widths.

Next, I move the household residents info to the top to make it easier to see when looking at the record.

I then add 3 dashes to separate the info, count the number of people in the household and add that info with “checked)(1 page”, which i will explain further.

I everything in Text Edit and copy it into FTM under the Census Citation Details.

Now I want to check and make sure that all of the people I counted in the Census record got merged into FTM. Grandparents, aunts/uncles, niece/nephew, cousins, servants/maids, lodgers, etc do not get merged and must be merged separately – I will do a separate video on that. To check I click “This citation is linked to __ facts” and count the number of people. Everyone in this particular record matched and has now been “checked.”

Next I want to make sure that the census record didn’t split between 2 pages. If it did, I want to capture both images for my records so that I have documentation for all family members. I go to the Media tab, open the image, zoom to 50% and check the bottom of the page. This record didn’t split so it is a “1 page” record. I will do another video on what to do when a census record splits between 2 pages.

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What to do when Shaky Leaf gives 2 records for 1 person

Even with the best search techniques it is possible to miss finding a person in the spelling could be a touch off, the place the next state over, the date incorrect. Ideally there should be only one record per individual unless there is a cenotaph. (This is one of the things I love about FindaGrave -one record per person means that there are many people contributing to a single record instead of each person working independently and many records existing separately.) So duplicates do exist, BUT, we can help reduce the number of duplicates by reporting them to be merged.

Here is a screen shot of a Shaky Leaf Search for Croner Meletus Hess (my 3rd cousin 3x removed) that shows two records existing in

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.54.24 PM

I clicked on each one and then clicked on ‘Go To Website’. This opened both pages up in Safari and I can CAREFULLY compare them to MAKE SURE that they are the same person.

I then open Mail and create a new email msg to with subject: Please combine two memorials. I then copy/paste the URL for each onto separate lines in the email and send it.

Next I want to record BOTH memorial numbers in my custom FindaGrave Memorial ID fact field separated with a semicolon. That way I can search for records that have a semicolon and make sure they were combined.

I glean all of the info that I can from both the memorials and add it into my FTM record.

Next I want to go ahead and source one of the Shaky Leaf FindaGrave records. I usually pick the oldest record or which one has the most accurate info. I will do a separate post on how I Create a Source for with a video.

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Where is that FindaGrave record on

Adding a brand new record is kind of like finding cookies in the cookie jar! Frustration can turn into reward when you do a thorough search for an individual and can’t find even a close match. Now you get to add a brand new record yourself. Fun!

Fast forward a bit. I am currently working on documenting all of my records using Shaky Leaves. Sometimes the Shaky Leaf doesn’t show a FindaGrave record. I know there is one because I store the unique memorial numbers in a custom fact field for easy reference. I discovered the reason why by reading great blogs, like It turns out that Ancestry Updates their databases periodically. So that means that although I have added the record to, it won’t show up at until they update their records. Ah yes, the hurry up and wait. I now mark my FindaGrave memorial numbers with the date I added them so that I can match them up with the Ancestry Updated Databases and see just when I can document that source.

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