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How To Glean Death Certs from Missouri Digital Heritage

Today I am gleaning Death Certificates from the Missouri Ditial Heritage web site:


I created a video to show you my process. This is my first video so keep that in mind. Please give me a thumbs up if you find it helpful.



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How To Download FindaGrave Tombstone Pics

Tombstone pics are a great way to document your family (keep in mind that the info came from relatives and, since they are people, they don’t always get the info correct.) To snag that pic be sure to click on it to open it full view. You can click and save the pics as they appear on the memorial page or even on the photos page but they probably won’t be as large as when you click and open the individual pics. Make sure to add metadata info to your pic of where you got it. Something like FindaGrave.com #1234567 would be great. I usually give it a filename like this: SMITH, Joe (tombstone). Do you have any hints for tombstone pics?

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How To Reduce The Number of Images

I noticed that my disk drive space has decreased significantly. Yikes! What have I done now? Well, I have been working on my Census before 1880. I was saving each record individually and each one had an image saved with it. That is a lot of images, which take up a lot of space. I have decided that instead of saving each one separately as I have been doing, I will merge all individuals for each record. Then I will be able to delete the extra images and save disk space on my hard drive. This is a time consuming task especially since they had soooo many kids back then.

In the future I plan to add the image for the Head of Household but when I add the other household members I will not download the image. There is an ‘Items To Merge – Media’ check box at the end of each merge that needs to be unchecked if you don’t want to download the image. Then I will go to Sources and use ‘Replace’ to merge everyone into the Head of Household record.

Yay! More disk space coming up.

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