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Adding Hospital Info To Places

So, I have been working madly on my Places, trying to get them in ship shape. I noticed that I have lots of details in my Birth Fact Descriptions and I want to get them cleaned up as much as possible as well.

This takes a bit of sleuthing. Sometimes there are multiple Birth Sources with conflicting info. I usually trust that the Birth Record info is the most reliable to use that if possible. If there are other Sources then I try to prioritize them and figure out which one is the most likely.

Afterwards, when there is an alternate Birth Place WITH a Source I add the info in the Birth Fact Description like this: (or Jonesville, Smith County, Georgia, USA). ‘Or’ means that it is an alternate fact of lesser value.

If there is an alternate Birth Place WITHOUT a Source I add the info in the Birth Fact Description like this: (possibly Jonesville, Smith County, Georgia, USA). ‘Possibly’ means that it is an alternate fact without a Source. Many of these came from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… er, before I became more conscious of adding Sources.

If there is an alternate Birth Place that I-cannot-find-any-record-of (using google or GNIS) then I add it like this: (Whatever County?). The ‘?’ signifies that I searched for it but it is an unknown).

I am leaving birth info like: Born at home, Weighed 10 lbs (WOW!), etc., but I am trying to make sure that the info is entered in a consistent manner.

Here is a quick little video on how I am adding the Hospital Names (and Medical Center, etc) to the Place Field. The first advantage will be that I can go to Places and see all of the people that were born/died at a particular Hospital and if I visit said Hospital I can then request records for all of them at once. The second advantage is that I will be able to better standardize the Hospital Names. Be careful however, not to delete historical hospital names. I plan to add them at the end of the Place Detail like this: St John’s Hospital (was St John’s Medical Center until 1964)…


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Save time – Wait to Resolve Places

Are you fixing each and every Place after every merge? If so you might be able to save some time and clicks by waiting until the end of your ‘genealogy session’ and doing them all at once, especiallly if the people you are working on are all in the same area. You have a couple of choices to accomplish this task.

The first option is to use Tools > Resolve All Place Names. This works well if you don’t have many UNresolved places already. I have quite a few that I am working on so this isn’t the best option for me right of the bat.

The second option is to go to the Places tab and click the button to ‘show place names as a flat list (hierarchy off)’. Then click the button to ‘collapse all nodes’. This will now show ‘unresolved place names’ and also ‘ignored place names’.

I have found that I can quickly resolve a majority of my unresolved place names by searching for the text ‘United States’. Enter ‘United States’ in the ‘Find’ field. It will find the first occurance quickly. Click the ‘Resolve Place Name’ button in the right-hand panel and check to make sure that you replace with the correct name. Replace, click the ‘collapse nodes’ again, click the right arrow to find the next occurrence. Repeat as needed. This should significantly reduce the number of unresolved places before using option number one.

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Solution for Places with 2 County Options

What do you do when you have a Place but there are two possible counties within the same state?

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How To Determine Places

After going through ‘Resolve All Place Names’ I still have quite a few that are unknown and I can’t match up without more info. I found ‘Jefferson’ all by its little ‘ole self. Is this Jefferson, Colorado? Or, could it be Jefferson, Oregon? Is it a city or a county?

Here is one method I use to help resolve these little mysteries. In the Places Workspace look at the Associated People on the left-hand side. Double-click one and it will take you to the People Workspace for that Person. It also takes you to the fact for the specific Place. This is a great feature. Now you can look at the other places that the person has been to see if any of them match up. Also look at spouses, parents, and children. Also look at the Source info. In my case the Source was Kentucky Death Index and so it was Jefferson County, Kentucky! Yay!

When you find a match to back to the Places Workspace and edit the place with the new info.

Hope that helps!

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How To Delete Unused Places

I currently have about 5,832 Places. That’s quite a few so I figure that if I can delete even a few that aren’t being used it might be a good thing. Unfortunately there isn’t a good report that shows unused places (ARGH) so I am using the good ole method of go-down-the-list. Here’s how:

1. Go to Places tab.
2. Look for “Associated People” in the right-hand column.
3. Now go down your list of places (I am using my down arrow key) and keep your eye on the number next to “Associated People” – look for those with zero (“0”).
4. When you find a “0” look at the place name and note the place name right above the place you are deleting so that you can find your next starting spot (I use my cursor to mark the spot).
5. Right-click on the place name and choose “Delete Place”.

Now, this may not help make things run faster, or even matter in the general scheme of things but it sure helps my OCD to know that I have it cleaned up.

Dear Ancestry, Please create easy way to delete Places without any Associated People.

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Dear Ancestry, Places – Replacing…

Dear Ancestry, When I replace a place with another it seems that I have to replace the one with more Associated People, otherwise it doesn’t replace and I have to do it again. Sure would be nice to work either way.

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