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Where is that FindaGrave record on Ancestry.com?

Adding a brand new FindaGrave.com record is kind of like finding cookies in the cookie jar! Frustration can turn into reward when you do a thorough search for an individual and can’t find even a close match. Now you get to add a brand new record yourself. Fun!

Fast forward a bit. I am currently working on documenting all of my FindaGrave.com records using Ancestry.com Shaky Leaves. Sometimes the Shaky Leaf doesn’t show a FindaGrave record. I know there is one because I store the unique FindaGrave.com memorial numbers in a custom fact field for easy reference. I discovered the reason why by reading great blogs, like GeneaMusings.com. It turns out that Ancestry Updates their databases periodically. So that means that although I have added the record to FindaGrave.com, it won’t show up at Ancestry.com until they update their records. Ah yes, the hurry up and wait. I now mark my FindaGrave memorial numbers with the date I added them so that I can match them up with the Ancestry Updated Databases and see just when I can document that source.

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How many FindaGrave Matches Do You Have?

I have been a member of FindaGrave.com for about 5 years now. I created a Fact to hold FaG Memorial #s and saved the numbers for each match I found. In the beginning I didn’t worry about documenting FindaGrave and I’m kinda glad I didn’t cuz then Ancestry purchased FindaGrave and added their records to Ancestry.com. This meant that I could use Shaky Leaves to find FindaGrave records and add them easily. The only problem? I have 10,289 records to document! I really didn’t realize how many I had found but was thrilled, and I have been working hard, using Shaky Leaves to document each one. I have about 1,000 left to do. And yes, I do each one separately so that there is a record for each individual. While I am at it, I am also merging birth/death/ssn records. I am overlooking census records for now but will come back to them later. I am focusing on individual records right now.

How many FindaGrave matches have you found?

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Reported Problem: Web Search Merge Stops Working

Re: FTM Mac 3 v.

Problem: Web Search Merge Stops Working sporadically and is greyed out.

I’m still trying to define the variables that lead to this problem but I have figured out that when it does occur I have to go back to People>Tree, find a shaky leaf, and click on it. That seems to reset it and then I am able to use this feature normally.

Note: You can report problems here: http://www.ancestry.com/suggestions

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How To Increase Shaky Leaf Hits

You can greatly increase your Shaky Leaf hits if you add approximate birthdates for those individuals that are missing birthdates. Just go to the People Workspace > Tree tab and look down your Index. You can also run a Filter so that the Index only shows those without birthdates. It’s good to have some rules set up so that you are consistent. See my post “How To Estimate Birth Dates & Determine Deceased.”

To set up a Filter to show blank birthdates:

1. Include All

2. Filter OUT: Birth/Date > Is Not Blank


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How To Increase Ancestry Search Hits

When you search for someone and you merge new info go back to the People Workspace > Tree View. Wait for the Shaky Leaf to reappear and then click it again to search again with the new info that was added. Hopefully the new info will result in more hits.

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