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Update – Mac 3 v.

Mac 3 users waited all year for the annual update that usually comes at the end of summer in August. I was disappointed when I read the update tick list. It appears that once again, some minor tweaking was done without any major improvements. Come on Ancestry.com. Can’t we find a happy medium between the online and program users? We pay for service too!

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FTM3 Update 22.2.4!

Just a little while ago an update (FTM 3 22.2.4) with numerous bug fixes was released. Yay! Here is the description. Make sure you have a backup before installing! I’ll get back later with my comments.

FTM Improvements Jan 2015

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FTM Mac 3 Update v.

This update seems to work faster. Switching between tabs especially back to People seems faster.

One glitch I have found is that when I add an additional spouse and then click on Set Spouse Order it doesn’t show the recently added spouse and it then shuts the program down completely when I click ok. This requires a restart of the entire program and then navigating back to where you were and all the settings as well. Not good.

Here is a link to a great review page:

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